Thursday, September 9, 2010

The sickness never ends...

I got the text message yesterday that all mothers dread....the "your child is sick" text. Not just any "your child is sick", but "his throat is swelling shut, he's throwing up, and hasn't ate or drank anything." Fantastic.

Called the pediatrician's office who said that yes, I needed to bring him, and no, they didn't have any appointments later than 1:20. Sigh. Yes, Momma will take time off work to take in Poo Poo to see what's the scoop.

What is it about a little precpitation that causes drivers to "forget" how to drive properly and slow down to barely over a crawl? Especially in Oklahoma, you add rain or snow to the drving mix and people here wig out! Anyways, the insanely slow drivers made me 5 minutes late (which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine) to which the receptionist gave me the look of "why oh why can't patients be on time for their appointments?" Chick, give me a break.

The nurse calls us back, the doctor takes a look at my pride and joy, responds that he's just got the same allergy/sinus gunk that everyone else in Oklahoma has right now, but that he's just some major ear wax buildup that has to be forceably removed from my not-feeling-good little man. He proceds to tell me to hold my child down while he scrapes this wire hook into his ear to remove said wax. So naturally, what happens, my child SCREAMS and tries to get away...all the while the doctor is looking at me like I should be controlling my child better. Well how about this doc? I'm one stressed out frazzeled momma and if I'm not holding him down good a nurse! Needless to say, the wax was not removed and I've gotta bring him back in so they can try to remove the wax in a couple weeks and also to check on the DOUBLE EAR INFECTION that Poo Poo now has!

I need a sickness vacation. Somewhere nice where I can just sit in peace with some pretty fabric and my sewing machine and make some Christmas quilts! Christmas is getting closer and closer and I have nothing done!


QuiltSue said...

Oh what a horrid time you've both had today, I am so sorry. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow. {{{hugs to both of you}}}

Milah said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I hope your little Poo Poo is feeling better soon, it's no fun having a sick baby. BTW, is his hair red? I love redheads, my grand daughter has red curly hair which is beautiful of course! ;D

StitchinByTheLake said...

I hate it when a little one is sick and hate it worse when they have to be held down for procedures. :( blessings, marlene

Lista said...

Poor baby boy. No fun at all. Hope he feels better soon and STAYS better!

Phyllis said...

Hey Amy,
It's time for the fall allergies everywhere. I hope your little pride and joy is feeling better now!

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