Monday, September 20, 2010

Sew Much to Share

OMG! My weekend shouldn't even be considered a break from work, because all I did was w-o-r-k! And why didn't any of you in blog land with kids tell me how much work it would be to host a child's birthday party?.....You're all fired!

Hunter got his first haircut Saturday :( Now he looks like a.....MAN!!!! I hate it! I want those little red curls back! That's it! No more haircuts! Not really, but I really did have tears over the whole thing! He did great though! No tears, no tantrums, no meltdowns! I can't say the same for the 2 year old who came in for his trim after Hunter...yikes!
Sunday was Poo Poo's Birthday party! It was so much fun, but oh so stressful! There were so many bodies in my house! I had really wanted to have the festivities outside, but summer wasn't going away without a fight, so with nearly 100 degree heat, we had the party inside. Hunter got some great gifts and my mom and I had made lots of yummy stuff to nibble on! Poo's cake was, well, all over! Do you think the ladies in the bakery remember that when little men mix up the blue frosting with the yellow frosting, they become little green men?! He was awfully tired by cake time and he kept rubbing his frosting covered hands over his eyes and I was soooo worried about it getting into his eyes, but Daddy saved the day and whisked the Hulk to the tub for a good scrub. Of course, now my tub needs a good scrub! I was so exhausted that by the time everyone left the house, I was asleep by 7! I'm so glad birthday parties are only once a year!!!I did manage to sew two of my three borders on my log cabin quilt. No, I'm not sharing any pictures until it's done! You'll just have to wait!


QuiltSue said...

oh, I'd forgotten just how tiring a toddler's party can be. I'm so glad that mine are a bit older (41 and 38) so if they want a party they can organise it themselves, and if they get cake in their eyes/hair/allover, they can wash it off themselves! Hope you all enjoyed it though?

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh he is a doll! Of course, I'm a little partial to red hair - my husband (was) a redhead. :) It's now white. And my oldest daughter is a redhead. I prayed for a red headed grandchild but didn't get one. :( blessings, marlene

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