Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finished Quilts

So I finally got the pictures of my past two finished quilts on CD! Yay!

The first one is the baby blanket that was supposed to be for my little man, Hunter, but then his father said we're done with the safari we're on to tractors, camo, and animal heads on the wall. Yes, I said animal heads on the wall. Thank you Cabelas..I appreciate you selling them for husband to buy. Anyways, I sent it last week to my best Texas friend, Madelline, who is having a little man of her own in the very near future!

The second one is the one I kinda recently blogged about that was commissioned by my good work friend, Krystal, for her friend who just had her little girl a few weeks ago. I thought "Butterflies for Makenzy" was appropriately titled! It was just so delicate and sparkly! I hope both baby and momma love it as much as I did!

Both of them are nowhere close to being as perfect as I would have liked them to be...but not to shabby for someone who didn't know how to sew/ use a sewing machine let alone quilt before making these! I'm truly just too anal retentive to be a quilter....but maybe we're all like that to some degree....What do you think?!

...And yes, I know, I need to get a better camera!


StitchinByTheLake said...

What do Daddies know? Animals are never out for children! :) blessings, marlene

QuiltSue said...

They're both very cute quilts. I too can be somewhat anal, but in the case of quilting it just means I can't do scrappy!

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