Monday, March 28, 2011

Died and Gone to Heaven

Y'all...I have died and gone to heaven!

I have met the Pioneer Woman!

(enter the shrill giggle)

She was having her last book signing in her hometown of Pawhuska last Saturday, so the BFF, Calista, aka Calianna, and her littlest man, Wesley, and I took a little road trip and had a blast!We got there about 2 hours early (because you just never know how many other crazed fans will drive to Pawhuska, OK for an autograph). The store owner had this "great" idea of giving everyone a number so that when PW got there we could all just get back in line in that order.

Yeah right.

As soon as she got there everyone rushed up to her and jumped into line.

Ok. Fine. Be that way.

So, while we waited in line (for an hour) to see her

(even though we were the first ones there)

I had the Marlboro Man sign my book too! OMG is that man handsome!

I can definitely see why she married him!

You can see how excited I was! lol

Here is me, PW, Calianna, and Wesley

Note to celebrities around the world: beware of me. Apparently I turn into a blithering idiot around celebrities. There was a lot of "ums" and "duuuuuhhhhs". Also, I'm pretty sure that I asked if I promised to do all her laundry, would she let me move in.

I have hit an all time low.

I couldn't tell if she was interested by my offer or scared and wanted to call for security (aka the Marlboro Man). Sorry PW!!!!!

While I was there I did manage to make off with this new purse! I just love all the roses on it!
The buckle is a little rhinestone cowgirl-ish for me, but roses trumps cowgirl country every time!

I hope y'all had a great weekend too!

Now I need to go write an apology email to Ree.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finished Quilts

Remember that beautiful bride that I posted a picture of a couple weeks ago? Yeah, well, she's back from her honeymoon in Mexico....
and she wants her quilt.
I mean really, it's not like I made it specifically just for her.....
ok, well, I did, but still! She wants it. And I had to give it up.
But look how happy it made her!
Now, I'm just waiting for some announcement about babies so I can make a baby bankey!
(don't tell her I said that)

Like this ridiculously cute pink and brown number!!!!!
It's Lily & Will by Bunny Hill in the pink line........
and ooooooohhhhhhh the sweet little bunnies!

".....the bunny, the bunny...oh I love the bunny."
(name that song)
This little dumplin' is going to another coworker who just found out that she's having a little girl, so I get to make something sweet and cuddly, and most importantly PINK!
I'm surrounded by testosterone filled hunting men and I need something girly, which means I have to live vicariously through other people with girl children.
le sigh.

Maybe I can just borrow someone else's little girl for a day so I can get my girl fix.
Any takers?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What happens when you're not home

Do you ever leave the house to do....... I dunno, things outside of your house that have to be done, but the men/ children/ animals in your life do not accompany you?
It doesn't really happen for me very often (and by often, I really mean more like never) unless you count work and I don't want to count's work.

I often wonder when I'm not home what is going on that momma doesn't know about. Are the boys having a wild block party in my living room? Downing shots of whiskey? Breaking all things breakable in my kitchen? Toilet papering the neighbors?

Generally only the breakable kitchen items are the reality, but a momma's gotta wonder sometimes when daddy is left in charge.
Last week (on more than one occasion) this is what I found when I walked through the door:

Example 1: Wednesday

and 30 minutes later:

When I finally did wake them up at 6:30, they were some sweaty boys. Baths were definitely required!

Example 2: Thursday

Really?! When does the momma get to take naps? Oh yeah, NEVER!!!!

What happens at your house while you're gone? I hope it doesn't involve breakable kitchen utensils!

Monday, March 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday - Who Am !?

I'm linking back up with those fabulous RHOK girls for MckLinky Monday where that cool Mrs. Edwards is asking "Who Are You" as a blogger? What are your stats? What's your most viewed post? What are the top 10 keywords that bring people to your blog?

I can honestly say that I've never really checked my stats before, but thanks to Mrs. Edwards I checked it out and boy was I surprised!

My Top 10 Keywords that lead people to my blog:

  1. mamie's quilts blogspot - well, yes, that would be me

  2. and i were supposed - and I were supposed to be what, exactly?

  3. mamie's quilts - yep, it's me again, Margaret

  4. moda quilts - yeah, I play with moda fabric to make quilts

  5. quilts hallmark - thanks to that post about the Hallmark movie with Betty White!

  6. the amount of - I'm guessing the amount of fabric and randomness on my blog?

  7. "mamie" + oklahoma - well, I'm mamie and I live in Oklahoma

  8. and a giveaway - thanks to Impulsive Addict for winning my chocolate stash!

  9. and i were supposed to be - see # 2

  10. applique quilt patterns "mammie quilts" - again with the quilting, but what's up with the "mammie"? Do i look like a character from Gone With the Wind?!

Very interesting!!!!

And the winner of the most blog comments was for the Cookin' post where I was askin' all you lovely ladies what the heck you feed your husbands and kids for supper?! I got some great ideas and always welcome more recipes!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have some awesome pics to share with y'all from this past weekend that I'll be posting later this week!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

Ok, so I'm scootin around the Internet today...just passing the day away, when I find this blog with the cutest cat beast on it! I halted in my tracks and started reading what the scoop was with this picture.
Apparently, there's a group getting together to do a quiltalong of Charlie Harper images. Ok, well I have no idea who that is and still don't, but I started thumbing through some of his artwork......I fell instantly in love!

I just love the names of his work! For instance: the beast above is called Limp on a Limb. The artwork that I have decided on is:

Cuz, really, how stinkin cute is that!?

Now I've just gotta figure out how to make this guy into a pattern and make him into something fabric-y.....although since it's a calico beast I should call him, a her!

It's open for anyone that's interested and here's the link to the Charley Harper flickr group to add yours along the way!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Compliments Get You Everywhere

My Nazi of a Physical Therapy Assistant/ Workout Pusher told me that I look skinny this morning!

I guess that means I can keep up the no-sweets business for a little bit longer.

At least I choose to believe that I look skinnier to others because of the sugar self-denial.



I hear crickets chirping.

I think I'll go for a jog now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I Never Thought I Would Say and a Winner!!!!

Since having my precious little red-headed Hunter Grunter, I have found myself saying things I never thought I would ever say.

For example:

Saturday, my parents got my child his first tattoo. At the Tulsa Home and Garden Show (or as my Mom calls it, The Tulsa Homeless Garden Show) nonetheless. Why Grandma Mac thought it would be fun for him to get a tattoo, I dunno.....but either way he got one on his hand, then proceeded to peel part of it off and eat it. uh huh. eat it. Do you know how hard it is to scrub one of those things off?! Thanks Mom!!!!

Sunday, my most cuddly adorable precious little man hit me over the temple with my pink rolling pin. It wasn't on purpose, but the huge goose egg is causing people to look at me funny. I'm really gonna have to get child locks for the kitchen drawers. I'm not even gonna mention who thought it was kinda funny that I got beaned in the head.......just wait Daddy. your time will come.

I love being the Momma! (just not getting hit in the head with rolling pins)

On a super-duper happy note: the winner of my stash of chocolate wonderfulness that I cannot consume is...................IMPULSIVE ADDICT!!!!! Send me your contact info so I can send you the good stuff!

Friday, March 11, 2011

weak weak weak

I'M WEAK!!!!!
feel bad for me...
I'm in withdrawl.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not a quick learner


I kid you not, about 30 minutes after the post of no more sweets,

I was craving Girl Scout cookies and cupcakes like none other!

I want sugar.

I need sugar.

I'm dreaming of sugar.

i can't have sugar. sigh.

but you can have my sugar.....

just enter my Lent giveaway for all the sugary goodness that I can't have

and I send you a wonderful little care package!

P.S. Do you realize Easter is April 24th? Do you know how long from now that is?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Lent Ya'll (and a Giveaway)

Ok, it's that time again....Lent.

I've been really giving this year's Lent a lot of thought about what to give up.
Last year I gave up sweets.....and it about killed me! As soon as I declared my mouth a sugar-free zone, we have about a bajillion patients come in and bring the most mouth-watering sweets to tempt me! We had apple pie, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, brownies, call it a sweet and it came into my office. I swore off giving up anymore sweets (until maybe another Lent down the road).

How do I top sweets?

I've been wracking my brain and really trying to do a good one this year.....

So, this year I'm giving up sweets

(because I am a glutton for punishment and it's good for my hips and thighs)


try to be less negative.

Now, I am not a naturally negative person, but with some things going on in my personal and professional life, I've been a little, well, snappy and I don't like it.

It ain't me.

So we cutting that crap out.

It's not even just a Lent thing, it's a longer than Lent thing.

It's just about being a better person in general.

Although now that I'm thinking about it,

"How am I supposed to be happy and cheerful when I've just deprived myself of any sugar?"
and "Why did I just give up sweets when I just bought Girl Scout Cookies?!"

Hmmmm, pray for me!

....and my co-workers

....and my men at home

Are you giving up anything for Lent? If so, I'll do a drawing and someone could win the chocolate that I can no longer consume! Just leave a message saying what you are giving up for Lent!

P.S. I'm disgruntled about not getting to see the Pioneer Woman who was doing a book signing in downtown Tulsa last night. Huge bummer. Think she'd mind if I just showed up on her ranch and asked for her autograph? Maybe it's for the best that she lives like 2 hours away!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Weeping

Well ya'll, I had one long weekend.

It started out icky Friday morning, when I woke up with blinding pain in my right eye. It was swollen and oozing was just nasty. It got better though because after I got home from work, there was a big o' box sitting on my counter with my name on it!!!!

My winnings from Miss Pat!!!!!

Look at how stinkin cute she had this wrapped! I'm not gonna lie, I am a sucker for anything with satin ribbon on it!!!

These is all the fabulous stuff Pat sent me....except for the glass of wine....because Momma needed it bad! Now that adorable framed picture is sitting on my desk at work!

MY Hunter even got a little something out of it!
And, yes, that is one of my hotpads on that little hand! The man is a thief!!!! No drawer is safe anymore! But he sure loved popping the bubble wrap!

Saturday was Jamie and Adam's wedding in Ponca City (which was 2 hours away). I was greatly surprised by Ponca....I thought it was gonna be some piece o' crap town in the middle of nowhere Western Oklahoma....NOT SO!!!!! It was such a cute town! Huge mansions.....awesome little main street (where I found the cutest little fabric store).....beautiful churches....lots of cool stuff like

The Pioneer Woman statue. Kinda random statue off the middle of an intersection by the Marland Mansion (pictures to follow). Cool though. And HUGE!

Jamie was just breathtakingly beautiful, of course.

Of course, I cried like an idiot through the entire thing. Man, you can't take me anywhere!

The reception was in the Marland Mansion and was it fabulous! Huge.Huge.Huge.

Here is me, Jamie Lynn and Krystal. Don't judge me......I couldn't take pictures for anything eye was killin me!

(and standing next to them, I look like the fat girl)

Hence why I'm putting this one in from me in the stairway up to the front door.

Sunday, THE hunter dragged my butt off to the gym for an early workout (because there's no rest for the weary and childless) and then off to go pick up Boo from his grandparents house.
I got nothing done! No laundry. No dishes. No cooking. Nothing.
But it was a great wedding and one looooooong weekend!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Last 12 Hours

Here's how my last 12 hours have just played out:

THE hunter calls me at work at 3:30 to the sound of something like this,

"I've been throwing up for a little while now and I was wondering if you could leave work early so that you could take care of Boo." fantastic. I'll be right home.

I get home and am greeted with a "hold me hold me" from my babycakes and a "I'm going to bed" from the sicko. Once THE hunter gets holed up in the bedroom, I get the little man dressed to go play at the playground at the lake.

We get to the park and I get MY Hunter out of his car seat and he immediately runs in the opposite direction of the playground.....IE. right towards the lake. First I fought him for 30 minutes trying to keep the man out of the lake. Second, I fought the man for 30 minutes trying desperately (and to no avail) to keep him out of the road.

See MY Hunter was born to run. He came out of the womb not sitting still. Even my dad made the comment early on that this Hunter Grunter would run before he could walk.....and he wasn't too far off. He ran the entire time we were out there! I was feeling bad that I was missing Zumba class because of THE hunter not feeling good, so apparently MY Hunter felt it was his duty to help me get my cardio for the day!

Are you comin Momma?

After the cardio session, we went back home to take care of Daddy.....who immediately asked for chicken soup, ice water, aspirin, and a back scratching. Love it when men are sick. Got THE hunter his stuff, put a very tired and cranky Boo Boo to bed and watched old episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County until I crawled into bed for the night.

You know when you kinda wake up just enough to realize you have the most perfectly positioned pillows that you swear right then and there you're never moving from that spot? Never getting up to eat, bathe,'re staying there! I had that...I was so comfortable until THE hunter rolled over onto my already-needs-surgery-because-it's jacked-up elbow. Now Momma's awake and in pain.

About a minute after that, I hear a train blowing it's stinkin horn through the entire town. Ugh.

Within minutes of the train, MY Hunter's awake and screaming. Momma's super duper awake now.

I couldn't get back to sleep! I've been awake since 2!!!!!! I need a vacation. bad.

My Jamie's wedding quilt is finished!!!!!! Yay! Just in time for her wedding on Saturday!

I reiterate: I need a vacation!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm A Winner!

Guess what I found in my email inbox this morning: an email from Pat at Bird Nest on the Ground...saying that I won her 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!!!!

I don't win things. Ever. Except today!!!!

Wanna see what I won?

Look: she's even sending chocolate!!!!!! I love you Pat!
You need to check out her blog.
She's super talented and just the most giving person!
I want to steal everything she makes!
Check out her landscapes!

I've had my eye on this one for a long time!

Isn't the swan just beautiful! See.....talented!!!!!!