Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Neck O' The Woods

Today is Tuesday which means it's linkin up with those RHOK girls again for In Your Neck of the Woods!

Here's the deal, yo. Momma's got a massive headache so this is gonna be (kinda) short and sweet!

Saturday, "The Boys" went fishing.

Here's my brother, THE hunter, MY Hunter, my dad, and JC (and the disgusting pre-historic bottom-dwelling spoonbill they all caught)

Here's my bro, THE hunter and Blue and Whiskey...and the cooler (hmmm, wonder what was in there?!)

so, "The Girls" got to stay home and sew!

Sounds awesome right? Um, no. Yesterday went looking for Boo's shoes which were in the diaper bag which never got brought into the house which means it's been sitting in momma's car.

Open up my car door to be hit with the most fowl smell I have ever had the misfortune of smelling. Nightmares are made of this smell.

I think to myself, "No food left in here. No sippy cups left in here. What the heck is that SMELL?!"

That's when it hits me.

The diaper bag. Oh the diaper bag.

It's not just Boo's shoes (which were wet), but Boo's wet sockies, THE hunter's wet sockies, and THE hunter's wet and fishy/bloody shorts and t-shirt.

It's all been in my car. THE WHOLE TIME! Nasty wet fish-gut-splattered clothes!!!

(because they cleaned the horribly creepy long-beaked fish-things)

(to eat.)

I've never wanted to trade in my boys so much as I did at that realization that Boys.Are.Disgusting.Creatures.

And I married one. On purpose.

Then I procreated another.

Help me!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: 2

Today is the second installment of the RHOK reads: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!

Ok, before I get into the actual book assignment, I have fabulous Pioneer Woman news!!!!

She's going to have her own cooking show on Food Network!!!!!!! They announced it yesterday and I am soooooooo excited! I know this elevates my crazy Pioneer Woman stalking/ loving levels to an all new high?/ low? but I don't care! I love Food Network and I love PW!!!

Ok, public announcement over... Back to the book.

We were to read chapters 6-9 finishing up Part 1.

This really was a sad bunch of chapters to read.

She's called off going to Chicago so she can stay in Oklahoma and keep playing kissy-face with hunky Marlboro Man. She meets Marlboro Man's brother and then later his parents, in which she manages (in typical PW style) to drive her car into a ditch with MM's mother in the passenger seat. Awkward! She comes home from meeting the future in-laws to be told her parents are getting divorced!

My parents are still married so I can't exactly relate to what she was going through, but I think anyone can sympathize and feel how sad it is for a family to break up no matter if you're 5 or 35. I can't wait to see what's up next for that Pioneer Woman!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Like or Not to Like, That is the Question

Yep, it's pretty obvious that I changed my blog design.

Not sure if I like it or not.

It's pretty brown for my likings.

It needs a dash of pink. Or teal. Or something.

Yes, I know I just got rid of all the pink.

I just dunno.

Do you like it?

My Neck O' The Woods

The ladies over at the RHOK are hosting Into your Neck of the Woods, which means I get to post random pictures of whatever floats my happy little boat today.

Not that I don't post random whatevers any other day, but today I get actual permission to do whatever I long as has something to do with me and is "In My Neck O' the Woods"

.....get it!?

Not so funny this morning, am I?



What to post? What to post?

There's lots of this going on in my neck of the woods. Men kickin back and relaxin while Momma.....well, while Momma does other Momma-type stuff!


Getting all the quilting done on Kristina's baby blankey quilt! I know you can't see how pretty the quilting is on this darling little quilt, but I used a variegated pink and cream thread that has a little bit of shimmer on it! Oh so pretty! Really reminds me that I A girl one this time!

Wanna see something else I got done last weekend?!

More done on my Secret Santa quilt! All blocks are finished being pieced. All rows sewn together. Half the stars are appliqued on! Kinda pretty huh?! Have I mentioned that I loathe this quilt. A lot. Do you know how many pieces are in just ONE block? Do you know this quilt pattern is not for the overly anal type person...........which I am.

Beautiful quilt.......drove me to drink.

I'm really not kidding.

You think I am.

There really was wine consumption. And fit throwing. And the gnashing of teeth. And fit throwing. And wine consumption.

But look how pretty?!

Oh, one last piece of randomness for the day.

Look what I'm buying myself from Aldo..... Why? Because...

1) They're pretty

2) I live with testosterone filled men, who are dirty, and messy, and I want something pretty and girly and not messy!

3) They're pretty

So, what's goin on in your neck o' the woods?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Has Sprung At Pier 1

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't know how many of y'all have ever been to Pier 1,Pier 1, or the Pier 1 Tweetups, but I've always been a huge fan!

Now that the warm weather of Spring is officially here in Oklahoma (plus my Easter Dinner Party rapidly approaching), I went down to Pier 1 to see what fun Spring stuff I could use to decorate my home! It was not a good idea.....

It's not that they didn't have anything to choose from, it's that I loved EVERYTHING!!!!!!! 

They had these ridiculously cute bunny ornaments

  and this adorable carrot basket! I'm thinkin carrots are definitely a hot trend right now!

 Think I was leaving without this super cute Bee Hive drink dispenser? I think no! It'll be perfect for this summer to put some lemonade in when we're facing one of our Oklahoma heat waves!

  I even snagged some of these Circus beads napkin rings! Not for the Easter party, but I think they'll be so fun for this summer's entertaining!

Do you think I could stop at just that? No! Look what else I have my eye on.....

this Outdoor Perched bird Chair!  

With all those cute little birds on them, plus with one of Pier 1's super comfy chair cushions in a bright summery shade, it'll be perfect!!!! Cute, stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, it's both an outdoor and an indoor chair! I love the versatility!

Speaking of comfort, what's your thoughts on the Papasan chair? I love curling up in a good, well-cushioned Papasan chair!

Go check out all the great stuff out for this Spring and Summer at Pier 1!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Friday, April 8, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: 1

I'm linking up with those RHOK ladies today for their new RHOK reads!

They're starting their new book club with Ree Drummond's (AKA The Pioneer Woman) love story novel Black Heels to tractor Wheels!

As we all now know, I'm a HUGE PW fan! I love reading her blog and drooling over Marlboro Man, uh, I mean her recipes! She's a fellow Oklahoman and just a neat chick! Next week for my Easter dinner party I'm even making her awesome Burgundy Mushrooms! Yum!

Our first reading assignment was to read Chapter 1-5 and then discuss it today!

To be honest, I really wasn't going to buy this book. But I love those RHOK girls and you know I love P-Dub, so I got her to sign it and now I'm reading with the RHOK! I love reading Ree's words! She has such a fun style of writing and it really draws you in. It's like you're her BFF and she's sharing her personal little secrets with you!

I love following her travels from Bartlesville, Ok to Los Angeles, Ca and back where she meets her Marlboro Man (mmmhmmmm, remember him?!), falls in love, and begins a whole new life! Along the way, she breaks up with J, the boyfriend from CA, and has the challenge of deciding to continue on with her original plans to move to Chicago or stay and experience something as swoonworthy as Marlboro Man!

We leave off with her and the looming decision........

Ok, so ultimately we know what she ends up doing, but still.......who doesn't love a good love story?!

Until next time,

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Y'all...I'm in a funk these days.

Not that I smell like funk, but that I feel like funk! TMI?

There's just been a lot of, well, funk dropped onto my shoulders recently and I'm, well, funk-d out about it all.

Funk 1) My little red-headed Hunter Grunter's babysitter, told me that due to personal reasons she won't be able to watch my sweet man anymore. As soon as the school year is over, I need to have some one else watch my little lump o' love. Do y'all even know how hard it was to find her in the first place?! The anxiety running through my vains is killer at this point! I hate finding a babysitter! Some stranger watching the bringer of stretchmarks all day long wigs me out!


Funk 2) THE hunter got a call last night with a job offer in another state. Enter the funk. This girl don't wanna move! Can you hear the winney-ness!? Can't he just go and Boo and I can just stay home? No. Doesn't work that way? Sigh.

On a much happier-less-funky-note, I got all the su-pplies for my Easter Dinner Party next week! It's gonna be soooooooo cute! Wait until I show you all the fabulousness!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Supper Help

Alright's that time again!

I need some cooking help!

I went to Hobby Lobby last week and found the most adorable bunny bowls for Easter.....

so I bought said bunny bowls, but with no where to use them........

ah ha, problem solved..........

I'm hosting an Easter supper at my casa on an upcoming Saturday evening for the 2 ladies at work

(remember them?) (we don't usually look this way. just at Halloween!)

and their respective significant others. (and The Hunter, I guess)

but I don't know what to make for the main course.

I'm doing the main course because:

  1. I'm hosting the darn thing

  2. I can't have no dessert making for me!

(when is Easter again?!)

Searching for "Easter" recipes, all I get is ham, asparagus, and deviled eggs.

Boring! I want something fun!

Please help so I don't have a boringly-dished dinner party!

I'd even take some awesome suggestions about center pieces and the like!!

(hint hint)