Thursday, September 23, 2010


Girls...I'm feeling so overwhelmed. I just feel like there is so much on my plate right now and I just don't have the solution to make everything right.

When I picked Hunter up from the babysitter Tuesday, she told me that she's going back to work at the end of next month, so I would need to find another sitter. Stink.

I've been super frustrated with my job, because I'm just so bored. I feel like I have 3 degrees under my belt and I don't use my brain or creativity in any way, shape or form. I love the girls I work with, but I'm. just. bored.

I've been wanting to stay home with Hunter since he was born, but financially we just can't afford it. I've been calling around to get prices on other sitters, and we're looking at TWICE the amount we pay now. Almost the entirety of one of my two paychecks a month would go to childcare! That's crazy!

I've been praying super hard for God to give me the right answer and what He wants me to do, but I just can't help stressing out over it. I know I sound so whiny, and I do feel fortunate to even have a job right now when so many others don't, but I can't help getting upset!

Anyone out there have any good suggestions?


QuiltSue said...

Oh poor you. Sending you lots of virtual {{{hugs}}}. Would it be possible for you to become a childminder? I don't know, but that might help?

Milah said...

Amy, God has put the desire in my heart to encourage and mentor young women who want to stay home with their children. I can give you lots of tips and encouragement to help you make the transition and to fullfill your dreams of being a SAHM. It is possible, but first I need to tend to my mother-in-laws funeral (she passed away today) but I'd like nothing more that to encourage you. If God put this desire in your heart, then He will make a way. Trust me, and trust Him.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Stress is really fear Amy. It's just Satan's way of trying to turn us away from the peace we get from God. If half of your salary will go to daycare then where is the other half going to go? What does it cost for you to drive to work...could you make it with one car? How much do you spend on lunches out, etc.? If you stayed home how much could you cut your grocery bill by couponing? Does your health insurance come from your job or your husband's? There are lots of things to weigh in this situation but often young mothers could stay at home and do some stuff there to make a little extra money. It all depends on what you're willing to sacrifice. Write it out - the pros and cons of working vs. staying home. When it's written down you get a better picture. I have lifted you up in prayer today and asked for wisdom and peace in this situation. blessings, marlene

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh, I sure feel for you Amy -- I remember those daycare days well. Keep your chin up -- something good will come along, and chances are it will be even better!

Phyllis said...

Hi Amy,
My two cents here....if daycare is going to cost half your income, I'd stay home with Hunter. It was tough financially for me to stay home with my girls, but we lived quite frugally. Why work just to pay somebody else to take care of a beloved child?

It will all work out for you though, no matter which way you decide.

BTW - I really like your Christmas quilt in the previous posts.

Sheila said...

I have been a stay at home mom. We couldn't "afford" it, but God provided what we needed....I feel I have been given the most blessed job in the world....and now I have a 2 year old grandson that I have the privelge of caring for during the day. If at all possible....I encourage you to stay at home and let his daily influences come from will have days when you wish you were back at work, but you will never regret it....and either will Hunter (and any other that might join your family). God's blessing!

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