Monday, September 13, 2010

Holding Out

I'm ashamed to say that I've been holding out on all of you. I'm sorry...but it's true.
I've decided to branch out and try something new. A log cabin lap blankey to be exact. Here's the deal though...I'm just not a huge fan of the log cabin. I'm sure a gasp just went up in the quilting community, but it's just not my cup o' tea! They're nice and all, but unless you're gonna add some beautiful applique to it, it just doesn't scream my name. Nevertheless, I'm going way out of my comfort zone here and attempting the loggious cabinous (it's the Latin term, I'm sure).
What's giving this project it's appeal for me? It's made out of Tidings! Yay!!!! I think Christmas fabric instantly makes any project better! Don't you think?! Isn't it pretty?! I just love it! What makes it great #2: My mom is making a loggious cabinous too!!! Yay for Mother/ Daughter projects!!!!!


QuiltSue said...

I haven't seen that range of fabrics here at all (UK is always way behind you), but it is wonderful. I can't wait to see logious cabinus. Are you hand quilting it? Can we have a preview? Please? Pretty please?????

Milah said...

All you need to do is Amyfy it, you know, give it your personal touch with some applique. How about some holly leaves or christmas bulbs on the border? Make it your own! ;D

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