Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Those Whom I Quilt For

Awfully similar looking, huh?!

Monday, August 30, 2010


I am enforcing a self-restriction from buying anymore fabric! As horrific as it sounds, it's mandatory! Hunting season is rapidly approaching, which not only means I'll see a significant drop in the amount of time I'll see my husband, but will also usher in the "I need more camo/ broadheads/ boots/ enter in other 'must have' items that I don't see the point for" dreaded period which always costs us a small fortune. Hunter doesn't have to eat, right?
Hence, the restriction. But look how happy it makes him! And yes, I get roped into going too. But only when it's not freakishly 40's!!!! (Hence why I don't "get" to go very often!) Hahahahaha!!!!! She's smarter than she looks ya'll!
P.S. Orange isn't so very flattering, huh?!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blood and Spit

Today my Mom and I were supposed to be boy-free and to celebrate such a status we were going to drive down to Oklahoma City for the day to go check out the North Pole City store, which is cram packed with Christmas stuff! There is nothing on this earth, other than her grandson and mowing the yard, that makes my Mom happier than Christmas stuff! Lets put it this way, her house has Christmas stuff up all year long. It's festive! Anywho, I got onto the North Pole City's website to get directions only to find out that they are closed due to remodeling and inventory. Uh, bummer! New Plan!!!!

Instead we drove around to all kinds of various stores, mainly fabric related ones. First we went to Main Street Broken Arrow, to Sew Flakes. Very cute store, very sweet ladies, odd guy in the back. Granted he was very knowledgeable about Bernina sewing machines, but somehow we got onto the topic of rotary cutter safety and what to do if you slice your finger off and you bleed onto your fabric. What gets the blood out of your fabric? Well, your own spit, duh! Who knew? Not me! This leads to me to ponder this bit of fabric knowledge...... How long do you leave the spit on your fabric? Does it really have to be your own spit? Can someone else spit on your fabric while you're going to the emergency room? Do you spit then rub, spit then rub until the blood comes out? So many questions about blood and spit! Do think this theory applies to your body too? Can you spit on yourself and you stop bleeding? Maybe I'm thinking about this too much, but now I really wanna know! What do you do with the spit?!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In a fit of non-pregnancy related nesting, I have reorganized my ever growing fabric stash. Wow! Can fabric multiply like bunnies? It's soft like bunnies, so maybe they're related. Dunno! But yeah, I had forgotten how much fabric I already have stockpiled. So, what have I already done this week (and it's only Tuesday morning)? Ordered more fabric. Sigh. I love it though! Enter in Midnight Silhouette by Blackbird Designs! I love fall and I think this will be awfully cute! Of course, I still need to learn how to applique, but hey, I can add it to the stash, right?! I just couldn't pass it up! I also ordered a Fruitcake jellyroll by Moda from Green Fairy Quilts since they're having such a great deal!

In the meantime, Hunter's 1st birthday is next month so I've been in party planning mode! Theme: Monkeys!!!! Carrye at has the most adorable invitations!!!

For those of you in the Tulsa area: keep an eye out on News Channel 6 for this adorable face! Yep, Poo Poo will be on the birthday segment of 6 in the morning on his birthday, September 22! Yay!!!! TiVo is set and ready to record! I had a hard time deciding on which picture to use. I love this one the most, even if it is from when he was 7 months old! I just had to include the quilt that Teresa and Calianna made for him! He just looks so fall-ish! I know this doesn't win me the Mom Of The Year award, but it does get me close, right?!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I. AM. SICK. Sick, Sick, Sick. I mean, yes, I have the stomach crud (I've lost 3 pounds in 4 days), but I mean I'm sick in the brain. I have this crazy need (yes, it's a need) to hoard lots and lots of fabric. What's the problem with this? Nothing (other than I need another couple of jobs to pay for it) except that I'm such an inexperienced quilter that I don't do anything with the fabric! I'm too afraid of cutting it wrong or not having enough for a project later on when I can't get my hands on anymore of the print that I need. I'm sad, I know. But it's all so pretty! I just want it! I just need to be a better quilter first. And more money :)

Let me put it to you this way, since I don't have pictures taken, listen to the stash that I have (and won't touch): Quilt Minnesota fabric by Moda, The Ghastlies fabric by Alexander Henry, The Quilter's Kitchen fabric by Red Rooster, plus a huge bag of fat quarters of Christmas fabric purchased at the Quilt Sampler in Tulsa to make my mom a Christmas tree/ Santa quilt that is too adorable for words, and enough fabric to make a log cabin quilt.

See, I need help. Good thing I'm signed up for a couple of classes next month. Maybe they can sympathize with me and straighten me out! Is anyone else out there as fabric crazy as I am? We should start Fabric Stasher's Anonymous!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No peein in the pool!

Yes, that's right, I said pee. Funny story: I took Hunter over to my parents house on Friday so that they could see their most adorable grandson, and well, so that Hunter could splash around in his pool. It's just sooooooo stinkin hot! Ahhhhh! Anywho, babycakes likes to splish splash around a bit then go to whichever adult is closest to him for them to hold him long enough for their clothes to become soggy then he wants back in the pool. Fun for all! He likes to share! Yeah, so the last round of "hold me, hold me" was my mom's turn. Hunter goes to her, holds out his arms, she picks him up out of the pool, he looks her right in the face, and pees...on her! I know I shouldn't laugh at the misfortune, but I just can't help it! At least he'd didn't pee in the pool! It's a comforting thought for my mom, I'm sure! Anyways, I have given him a new name: Peeupone! Yep, Pee upon e! Don't think for a minute that I haven't written this story down in his baby journal...because I have! His wife and kids are gonna love these stories in like 30 years when he actually has both! How can you be angry at this face though?! I know I can't!