Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What happens when you're not home

Do you ever leave the house to do....... I dunno, things outside of your house that have to be done, but the men/ children/ animals in your life do not accompany you?
It doesn't really happen for me very often (and by often, I really mean more like never) unless you count work and I don't want to count's work.

I often wonder when I'm not home what is going on that momma doesn't know about. Are the boys having a wild block party in my living room? Downing shots of whiskey? Breaking all things breakable in my kitchen? Toilet papering the neighbors?

Generally only the breakable kitchen items are the reality, but a momma's gotta wonder sometimes when daddy is left in charge.
Last week (on more than one occasion) this is what I found when I walked through the door:

Example 1: Wednesday

and 30 minutes later:

When I finally did wake them up at 6:30, they were some sweaty boys. Baths were definitely required!

Example 2: Thursday

Really?! When does the momma get to take naps? Oh yeah, NEVER!!!!

What happens at your house while you're gone? I hope it doesn't involve breakable kitchen utensils!


Sabrina Lemons said...

My family could pass as stunt doubles for your family!

Impulsive Addict said...

Well, when I leave Emma alone, she just destroys the kitchen. Maybe I should get a babysitter for her?

When I leave the dog alone, she just sleeps.

StitchinByTheLake said...

At my house the very same thing happens - naps. Oh yea, and when I'm at home it's naps then too. :) The older they get the more they sleep! blessings, marlene

Loren said...

This is sooo precious!! Your Hunters are just darling :) I know us Momma's don't usually get a nap but trust me.....walking in to your boys napping could be soooo much worse LOL

Love you!!! Give yourself a big ol hug as well as all those girls you work with....Miss you guys soo much!

QuiltSue said...

That's so funny.

Dawn said...

Whatever happens at my house resembles a tornado. Seriously.

Darling picture of your boys. =)

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