Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Weeping

Well ya'll, I had one long weekend.

It started out icky Friday morning, when I woke up with blinding pain in my right eye. It was swollen and oozing was just nasty. It got better though because after I got home from work, there was a big o' box sitting on my counter with my name on it!!!!

My winnings from Miss Pat!!!!!

Look at how stinkin cute she had this wrapped! I'm not gonna lie, I am a sucker for anything with satin ribbon on it!!!

These is all the fabulous stuff Pat sent me....except for the glass of wine....because Momma needed it bad! Now that adorable framed picture is sitting on my desk at work!

MY Hunter even got a little something out of it!
And, yes, that is one of my hotpads on that little hand! The man is a thief!!!! No drawer is safe anymore! But he sure loved popping the bubble wrap!

Saturday was Jamie and Adam's wedding in Ponca City (which was 2 hours away). I was greatly surprised by Ponca....I thought it was gonna be some piece o' crap town in the middle of nowhere Western Oklahoma....NOT SO!!!!! It was such a cute town! Huge mansions.....awesome little main street (where I found the cutest little fabric store).....beautiful churches....lots of cool stuff like

The Pioneer Woman statue. Kinda random statue off the middle of an intersection by the Marland Mansion (pictures to follow). Cool though. And HUGE!

Jamie was just breathtakingly beautiful, of course.

Of course, I cried like an idiot through the entire thing. Man, you can't take me anywhere!

The reception was in the Marland Mansion and was it fabulous! Huge.Huge.Huge.

Here is me, Jamie Lynn and Krystal. Don't judge me......I couldn't take pictures for anything eye was killin me!

(and standing next to them, I look like the fat girl)

Hence why I'm putting this one in from me in the stairway up to the front door.

Sunday, THE hunter dragged my butt off to the gym for an early workout (because there's no rest for the weary and childless) and then off to go pick up Boo from his grandparents house.
I got nothing done! No laundry. No dishes. No cooking. Nothing.
But it was a great wedding and one looooooong weekend!!!!!


Loren said...

You my dear are NOT fat. do NOT Look fat either!! You are beautiful in EVERY WAY!!

The wedding was wonderful wasn't it !! So happy for them :)

Thanks for the picture!!! Love you

Lista said...

You're gorgeous! (And for the record, bubble wrap is very popular around these parts, too!)

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