Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Lent Ya'll (and a Giveaway)

Ok, it's that time again....Lent.

I've been really giving this year's Lent a lot of thought about what to give up.
Last year I gave up sweets.....and it about killed me! As soon as I declared my mouth a sugar-free zone, we have about a bajillion patients come in and bring the most mouth-watering sweets to tempt me! We had apple pie, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, brownies, call it a sweet and it came into my office. I swore off giving up anymore sweets (until maybe another Lent down the road).

How do I top sweets?

I've been wracking my brain and really trying to do a good one this year.....

So, this year I'm giving up sweets

(because I am a glutton for punishment and it's good for my hips and thighs)


try to be less negative.

Now, I am not a naturally negative person, but with some things going on in my personal and professional life, I've been a little, well, snappy and I don't like it.

It ain't me.

So we cutting that crap out.

It's not even just a Lent thing, it's a longer than Lent thing.

It's just about being a better person in general.

Although now that I'm thinking about it,

"How am I supposed to be happy and cheerful when I've just deprived myself of any sugar?"
and "Why did I just give up sweets when I just bought Girl Scout Cookies?!"

Hmmmm, pray for me!

....and my co-workers

....and my men at home

Are you giving up anything for Lent? If so, I'll do a drawing and someone could win the chocolate that I can no longer consume! Just leave a message saying what you are giving up for Lent!

P.S. I'm disgruntled about not getting to see the Pioneer Woman who was doing a book signing in downtown Tulsa last night. Huge bummer. Think she'd mind if I just showed up on her ranch and asked for her autograph? Maybe it's for the best that she lives like 2 hours away!


Impulsive Addict said...

Oh no. You'll be crabby for sure by giving up sweets. Sweets (and alcohol) are my biggest downfalls. I should give one of them up. I think I would do better giving up alcohol but I need to give up sweets. I guess I should make up my mind soon since it starts today. I'll pray for your co-workers, friends, family and men at home. They will need it. =)

Lista said...

Girl Scout cookies freeze really well, and Lent isn't forever! Just sayin'! :o)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm giving up desserts (so don't send me chocolate)...but not sugar. :) That means I can have my chai tea lattes when I'm having a sugar craving! I'm also giving up my Diet Dr. Peppers and adding more walking. Going the extra mile will, I hope, remind me of the extra mile Jesus went for me. blessings, marlene

QuiltSue said...

Hmm, if I gave up anything, it surely wouldn't be sweets of any sort! I think I'll give up housework, how's that?

Loren said...

Holy might have lost you mind on this one ;) LOLOLOL
Sugar? Sugar? did you say Sugar??? OMG


ikkinlala said...

Good luck!

It's not really for Lent, but I'm giving up extra car trips. I'll still go where I need to, but any extra trips will be on foot or bike.

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