Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Last 12 Hours

Here's how my last 12 hours have just played out:

THE hunter calls me at work at 3:30 to the sound of something like this,

"I've been throwing up for a little while now and I was wondering if you could leave work early so that you could take care of Boo." fantastic. I'll be right home.

I get home and am greeted with a "hold me hold me" from my babycakes and a "I'm going to bed" from the sicko. Once THE hunter gets holed up in the bedroom, I get the little man dressed to go play at the playground at the lake.

We get to the park and I get MY Hunter out of his car seat and he immediately runs in the opposite direction of the playground.....IE. right towards the lake. First I fought him for 30 minutes trying to keep the man out of the lake. Second, I fought the man for 30 minutes trying desperately (and to no avail) to keep him out of the road.

See MY Hunter was born to run. He came out of the womb not sitting still. Even my dad made the comment early on that this Hunter Grunter would run before he could walk.....and he wasn't too far off. He ran the entire time we were out there! I was feeling bad that I was missing Zumba class because of THE hunter not feeling good, so apparently MY Hunter felt it was his duty to help me get my cardio for the day!

Are you comin Momma?

After the cardio session, we went back home to take care of Daddy.....who immediately asked for chicken soup, ice water, aspirin, and a back scratching. Love it when men are sick. Got THE hunter his stuff, put a very tired and cranky Boo Boo to bed and watched old episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County until I crawled into bed for the night.

You know when you kinda wake up just enough to realize you have the most perfectly positioned pillows that you swear right then and there you're never moving from that spot? Never getting up to eat, bathe,'re staying there! I had that...I was so comfortable until THE hunter rolled over onto my already-needs-surgery-because-it's jacked-up elbow. Now Momma's awake and in pain.

About a minute after that, I hear a train blowing it's stinkin horn through the entire town. Ugh.

Within minutes of the train, MY Hunter's awake and screaming. Momma's super duper awake now.

I couldn't get back to sleep! I've been awake since 2!!!!!! I need a vacation. bad.

My Jamie's wedding quilt is finished!!!!!! Yay! Just in time for her wedding on Saturday!

I reiterate: I need a vacation!


Lista said...

Poor Mama! You have such a cute little man! But yes, you need a vacation. Please to be taking me with you? Cancun? Yes?

Loren said...

Doggone it! Sorry your honey isn't doing so well! Hope it is over QUICKLY!! Your little man is darling!!!

I LOVE the quilt and know Jamie will too!! It is beautiful and made with such love....there is no greater gift!!!

Love you! See you @ the wedding!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sorry about your day but oh my that quilt is gorgeous! blessings, marlene

MamaT said...

The quilt is gorgeous! You did a great job!

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