Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Complaining Over Paperwork

Alright y'all. I just had to share this little rant with ya.
What is it about walking into a physical therapy clinic that makes you think that you don't have to fill out paperwork or bring your insurance cards?
Instance 1) I give patient her paperwork. She responds by saying, "Well, hasn't the doctor sent all my information over already? I shouldn't have to fill anything out."
Instance 2) Patient's grandfather gets up in my face about filling about his granddaughter's paperwork. "You should already have all her information. Why should I have to fill this out?"
Here's the deal though.....I ALREADY HAVE 85% OF THE PAPERWORK ALREADY FILLED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell me of ONE medical office where the paperwork has already been mostly filled out for you in advance? Um, I was doing it as a courtesy. I can sure enough stop this gravy train if all I'm gonna get is harassment over stinkin paperwork.
Can you even imagine walking into your primary care physician's clinic for the first time and not filling out paperwork? Uh no, because there is usually about 6 pages to fill out.
My clinic has 2. Again, it's already 85% filled out.
Give me a break people.
Is it just that people just need something to complain about or they're not happy?


Impulsive Addict said...

I feel your pain. Truly I do. We had 4 sheets for people to fill out. They only filled out what they wanted and then would get pissed if I needed their address. Seriously. People wear me smooth out.

Hope your day gets better! =)

Milah said...

You may not want to read this.....but since you brought it goes! I had my annual GYN appt. today. They asked me to bring my insurance card, picture ID and to come in 30 minutes early. I've been going to this doctor for 25 years so I was surprised that I was filing out the same basic information that they already had on file. Weird I I asked them why I had to fill all this out again and they said because they have a new computer system. The first thought that came to mind was, "oh, so you lost all my medical records." But I didn't say a word so I hope you're proud of me. :D

Sabrina Lemons said...

I greatly appreciated it Amy!!! I loved the way everyone in your office treated me. Even when they were folding me like a pretzel!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- my hubby just had PT yesterday -- I hope he didn't behave that way. And...I hope some of your patients are reading LOL! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

momof3girls said...

I think it's because we have become such a computerized society -asking people to manually fill out paperwork just seems so old fashioned. However even on line we have to fill out an electric form to even get coupons! Such is the circle of life. I hope you only have cheerful and kind people to deal with this week!

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