Monday, June 13, 2011

My Neck O' The Woods - Tick Me Off!!!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I'm linkin up with them RHOK'n Girls for their In Your Neck of the Woods Tuesday!

There have been a lot of wet britches at our casa. We've been doing lots and lots of this

and this

and this

Aren't the crabbie britches cute?! My mom got them for him.

Last Saturday we all went to the the Lake House at Ft. Gibson (no, my parents haven't sold it yet!) and spent the whole day out on the boat fishing.

I'm happy to announce that (thanks to the Momma) the short man had no traces of a sunburn!

The tall man, on the other hand, not so much. I honestly think I would have heard less whining from MY Hunter about a burn than I've heard from THE hunter. Big baby!

Sunday night I made supper for the men, and decided to try something new. I've been wanting to try the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana........oh, good Lord was it yummy! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

So, here's the Mamie Amy take on the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parm:

  • I didn't flatten mine out nearly as flat as hers. Flat chicken is flat there.

  • I used half of a red onion instead of a whole.

  • I used a few more cloves of garlic, because garlic is yum in my tum.

  • She says to use wine after you cook the garlic and onions, and I did. The chardonnay I won from the RHOK Out! I'm tellin you, that wine made a WORLD of difference! It added just a bit of sweetness without being too sweet.....which is why I didn't add the sugar that she says to put in.

  • She also calls for dumping in 3 14.5oz cans of crushed tomatoes. Yeah well, I couldn't find that size so I got 2 of the big cans.....yeah you only need one big one!

  • She calls for 1 pound of linguine......I cooked a whole 13.5ox box......OVERKILL! We definitely could have just done a half a box.

  • Last but not least, she says to put the chickey in and let it cook long enough in the sauce for the Parmesan to try making 2 hungry men wait for some cheese to melt. Didn't happ'n cap'n!

As you can see, MY Hunter loved it!

Something completely and totally creepy happened to me Sunday, and since we're tight and all, I'm gonna share it with you.

THE hunter and I were laying in bed Sunday afternoon watching TV while the little man was taking a nap. All of a sudden a spot on my *ahem* delicate area started to hurt like I had been pinched. I went into the bathroom to check it out, and low and behold there is a tick on my girl parts! Talk about freaking out, thy name is Amy! I had to get THE hunter to get it off! Like it's not bad enough to have the man witness me pushing a baby out of my nether regions, but let's have him pull a tick off them too! I can't even imagine what he was thinking when I thrust a bottle of Dawn dish soap and tweezers at him and told him to get this tick off me!!!!!

I'm pretty sure The Tick Removal of 2011 has killed any passionate thoughts THE hunter has towards me for the time being. Not that I can blame him. I'm pretty creeped out too! I hate ticks! (pun alert) They TICK me off!!!!!! lol, sorry couldn't help myself!

Now I'm just worried that I might have Key Lime Disease on my girl parts! Or maybe it's Key Lime Pie.......that sounds better doesn't it?!


ShaRhonda said...

The Hunter was actually probably rather quite umm how do you say it- proud of that kill! I don't think you have any worries my dear! It's too small to stuff and hang on the mantle! Now Key Lime Pie- does the PW have a recipe for that? Because I'm betting you are plenty capable & healthy enough to serve that up to all of us! Mrs. H

Lista said...

Ew, ew, EW!!! You should be good if it was one of the big ticks and not a seed tick. I'm pretty sure it's seed ticks that carry Lyme's disease. At least, that's what my doctor friend told me when I was freaking out about the ones I picked up. Poor My Amy!

Dawn said...

That recipe sounds so good. That's for the review on it. I'll have to give it a try. My family would probably love it if I cooked this week. Ha!

Sunburns suck. Courtney was asking why I always had to cover her in sunscreen the other day. I told her because I didn't want her to get burned and get skin cancer. She said, "That's how you get skin cancer?" (DUH!) Then she said, "Well, I never get sunburns!!" (DUH! again) I said, " That's because I cover you so well with suncreen!" LOL!

I would have completely freaked over a tick being on my girl parts. FREAKED. Of course I'd freak if there was one even on my foot. I hate ticks. Nasty! Glad he was able to get it removed. I sure hope you don't get that key lime pie disease! =)

Milah said...

LOL! Years ago I hung laundry out on the line, included was my nightgown. When I carried the laundry in I tossed the nightgown on my bed and left it there. That night after putting the kids to bed, I slipped into our bedroom where Jack was already asleep. I felt around the foot of the bed until I found my nightgown. After undressing I pulled the nightgown over my head. Suddenly, I had this horrific pain on my boob! I started screaming, Jack jumped up and turned on the light to find me applying pressure to my breast and crying. Once his eyes focused he saw a wasp crawling on the foot of the bed- then put two and two together, "You've been stung!" Meanwhile my breast was starting to swell and he was laughing......I didn't think it was very funny, such a tender spot to get stung! So I feel for you! ;D

StitchinByTheLake said...

That was my laugh for the day! I've had a tick on my "nether parts" before and it hurt, but only for a little while. And, trust me, men get over it real quick even when they're the one getting it off. :) blessings, marlene

6 Happy Hearts said...

Hunter is totally singing Brad Paisley & will be loving this story for years to come :)
Cute pics of baby boy!
Stay out of the woods!!

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