Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Supper Help

Alright's that time again!

I need some cooking help!

I went to Hobby Lobby last week and found the most adorable bunny bowls for Easter.....

so I bought said bunny bowls, but with no where to use them........

ah ha, problem solved..........

I'm hosting an Easter supper at my casa on an upcoming Saturday evening for the 2 ladies at work

(remember them?) (we don't usually look this way. just at Halloween!)

and their respective significant others. (and The Hunter, I guess)

but I don't know what to make for the main course.

I'm doing the main course because:

  1. I'm hosting the darn thing

  2. I can't have no dessert making for me!

(when is Easter again?!)

Searching for "Easter" recipes, all I get is ham, asparagus, and deviled eggs.

Boring! I want something fun!

Please help so I don't have a boringly-dished dinner party!

I'd even take some awesome suggestions about center pieces and the like!!

(hint hint)


Dawn said...

Check out Deep South Dish and Pioneer Woman. You are bound to find something there. Also, check TipJunkie. There are all kinds of bloggers who link up recipes, crafts, etc. on her blog. It's a wealth of information for parties. Good luck.

Cute picture of the three of you. =)

Impulsive Addict said...

Dawn took the words out of my mouth. Pioneer Woman is amazeballs.

So, your closest friends are pigs? Cool!

QuiltSue said...

How about kedgeree? That's always a favourite in my house, and you can get all the bits done beforehand and just throw it together at the last minute.

Loren said...

Hey have you ever tried Hormel Pork Tenderloins? OH MY GOSH!! They are heavenly! The Peppercorn is my favorite ( a little spice but not too much at all) and then Teryaki is next. They also have plain if you want to season it yourself. You find them pork section like by pork chops. You grill them and depending on how you slice it I would say 3-4 people per tenderloin.
Another option would be a brisket?

For centerpieces You may look up Rebecca Robeson on Youtube. She is an amazing designer and is very thrifty. I haven't checked to see if she has anything Easter, so forgive me if she doesn't :)

Give everyone hugs for me k !
Love you

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