Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Neck O' The Woods

The ladies over at the RHOK are hosting Into your Neck of the Woods, which means I get to post random pictures of whatever floats my happy little boat today.

Not that I don't post random whatevers any other day, but today I get actual permission to do whatever I long as has something to do with me and is "In My Neck O' the Woods"

.....get it!?

Not so funny this morning, am I?



What to post? What to post?

There's lots of this going on in my neck of the woods. Men kickin back and relaxin while Momma.....well, while Momma does other Momma-type stuff!


Getting all the quilting done on Kristina's baby blankey quilt! I know you can't see how pretty the quilting is on this darling little quilt, but I used a variegated pink and cream thread that has a little bit of shimmer on it! Oh so pretty! Really reminds me that I A girl one this time!

Wanna see something else I got done last weekend?!

More done on my Secret Santa quilt! All blocks are finished being pieced. All rows sewn together. Half the stars are appliqued on! Kinda pretty huh?! Have I mentioned that I loathe this quilt. A lot. Do you know how many pieces are in just ONE block? Do you know this quilt pattern is not for the overly anal type person...........which I am.

Beautiful quilt.......drove me to drink.

I'm really not kidding.

You think I am.

There really was wine consumption. And fit throwing. And the gnashing of teeth. And fit throwing. And wine consumption.

But look how pretty?!

Oh, one last piece of randomness for the day.

Look what I'm buying myself from Aldo..... Why? Because...

1) They're pretty

2) I live with testosterone filled men, who are dirty, and messy, and I want something pretty and girly and not messy!

3) They're pretty

So, what's goin on in your neck o' the woods?


Lista said...

Love the quilts! Love the shoes! Love My Amy!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Oh my you crack me up! A few things drive me to drink as well. I wish quilting was one of them.
I keep saying I want to learn?! The Secret Santa is awesome if it makes you feel any better?!
Rock those shoes girl :)

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

LOVE the Secret Santa Quilt. And, that baby blanket is precious. You have some serious quilting skills.

I'm with Jen (6happyhearts) lots of things drive me to drink, but quilting isn't one of them. HOWEVER, if I quilted, I'm sure it would too! Ha!

Cute picture of your boys. Boys just have it so much easier than us girls.

Thanks for linking up today! =)

Mrs. A

ShaRhonda said...

I love the quilts especially the last one- how do I get on that Secret Santa list? LOL In high school I did the Ohio Star Quilt, I still have it and need to get it put up off of the rack! Thanks for sharing today! Mrs. Hart

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Very cute quilts! You are quite talented -even if wine is involved sometimes ;) Oh BTW -Love the new background -chocolate is also sometimes needed :)

QuiltSue said...

I think both quilts are great, especially the Secret Santas.

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