Thursday, April 7, 2011


Y'all...I'm in a funk these days.

Not that I smell like funk, but that I feel like funk! TMI?

There's just been a lot of, well, funk dropped onto my shoulders recently and I'm, well, funk-d out about it all.

Funk 1) My little red-headed Hunter Grunter's babysitter, told me that due to personal reasons she won't be able to watch my sweet man anymore. As soon as the school year is over, I need to have some one else watch my little lump o' love. Do y'all even know how hard it was to find her in the first place?! The anxiety running through my vains is killer at this point! I hate finding a babysitter! Some stranger watching the bringer of stretchmarks all day long wigs me out!


Funk 2) THE hunter got a call last night with a job offer in another state. Enter the funk. This girl don't wanna move! Can you hear the winney-ness!? Can't he just go and Boo and I can just stay home? No. Doesn't work that way? Sigh.

On a much happier-less-funky-note, I got all the su-pplies for my Easter Dinner Party next week! It's gonna be soooooooo cute! Wait until I show you all the fabulousness!!!!


Impulsive Addict said...

Oh no! I need to know her "personal" reasons. That is just shady.

And you can't move. We live in the same great state and there's always a chance that we'll get to meet up. If you move, then that may never happen. Where's the new job offer?

Milah said...

It sounds like God is closing some doors in your life. You losing your babysitter....husband's new job offer....coincidence.....I think not.

Loren said...

UHHHHHH..... FUNK NOOOOOO!! You cannot move Missy! You hear me!

I will be praying for your sitter situation! That HAS TO BE one of the HARDEST things ever! But there is someone that is just perfect!! and I believe they are in OKLAHOMA!!! LOL

Sending you big ol' hugs and praying that Funk goes away!
Love you my friend!

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