Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Phillip nor Phyllis

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving weekend?!
As usual I was super duper busy!

Friday night THE hunter was going to go hunting...but then changed his mind. Then MY Hunter was going to go to sleep.....but then changed his mind....all night :(
Satuday my Mom wanted to go to Bass Pro to grab some Christmas gifts for my Dad while he was out hunting, so we braved the crowds and went shopping. Soooooo stupid! Bass Pro was PACKED!!!! We tried to have MY Hunter take his (now) annual Santa picture at Bass Pro, but we would had to wait for almost 2 hours for Santa. Now I know ya'll don't exactly know my babycakes personally, but I'm sure you can imagine trying to entertain a 14-month-old for 2 hours when he's hungry and tired. I'd rather go head to head with a lion. Truely. No fun for all concerned. So we grabbed what we needed and skeddadled back home.

MY Hunter and I spent the night at my parents house and THE hunter returned Sunday morning with a change of clothes so that he could go to the lake house with my dad to crawl under the house and fix the duct work or the heating or whatever is wrong with the lake house. Either way someone was crawling under the house. One. Two. Three....NOT IT!!!!!! I was so not volunteering for that job! For whatever reason, there is no heat so the boys figured out that there was something torn up under the house. The consensus was that it was was Phillip and Phyllis, the groundhogs (or ground pigs as we like to call them) that were under the house tearing stuff up. lol, poor THE hunter. He crawled under the house to quickly find it was not Phillip nor was a HUGE rat! HUGE!!!!! Yuck! I shudder just thinking about it. Ew.

On a less icky note: my Mom and I stayed up until 1am on Sunday working on my Secret Santa quilt! What make it fabulously awesome: all the Christmas movies we watched as we sewed! Christmas in Connecticut, The Bishop's Wife and then White Christmas!!!!
Of course I forgot to take pictures for ya'll, but I'll post my Santa's soon!
Have a happy day!


StitchinByTheLake said...

What an interesting weekend. :) I'm with you on yucks to the rat! blessings, marlene

Lista said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeew, rat!!! I think there might be one in my walls. Tell him I'd be happy to have him come crawl under the house and look for it!

Loren said...

Oh how wonderful the quilt and watch movies with your momma ♥
I Love it!!

I can't imagine waiting 2 hours for Santa even without a tired & hungry 14 month old LOL

Can't wait to see your pics!
Love you!

QuiltSue said...

Rats? Ewww horrid.

You know what? I realised I have NEVER watched White Christmas. One of the Sky channels are showing Christmas films all day every day during December, so I'm sure I'll get to see it then. I'm going to plan so I can sit and watch a few of the oldies while sewing down bindings.

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