Monday, November 22, 2010

Secret Santa

Wow! What a weekend!

Friday after work I ran up to Collinsville to pick up THE hunter's processed deer carcass. Sounds tasty huh? Then I ran back to Owasso to Old Navy to grab anything grayish for our family pictures on Sunday! I found the cutest sweater there for CHEAP!!!!! Love Old Navy for the cheapness. Saturday was manual labor day at my parents house. THE hunter was trimming trees, while MY Hunter and I rode the 4-wheeler hauling the limbs to the fire pile. It was nice and warm though so it was not so laborious! Once we were done with that, my mom and I worked some more on our Buggy Barn Secret Santa quilt. I have more done than just this one, but you get what you get! Sunday was family picture day at Claremore Lake and overhaul the house day! How does a house with only 3 people get dirty so quickly?! Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that 2 out of 3 are male?! Pictures were.......difficult to say the least. MY Hunter wouldn't smile for anything...not even goldfish crackers. Sit in the pile of leaves? No. Smile. Not gonna happen. Sit still. Yeah right! All I know is that our photographer had her work cut out for her! Did everyone else have a great weekend?!


Loren said...

Bless your heart! You worked hard! I LOVE Old Navy too! I hope at least one of your pictures turn out! Even if he isn't smiling they will be good and in the years to come as you look back it will be such a precious memory!!

Love the quilt! What a gift you have!

QuiltSue said...

Pheww, I'm tired just reading what you did at the weekend. I'm sure the photos will be great. I love your santa block and am looking forward to you showing the whole quilt.

jayayceeblog said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, even with the work involved! And how wonderful that you and your Mom quilt together!!!

Corrie said...

I can't wait to see the quilt. That is CUTE Santatree.

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