Monday, February 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday - Short Road trips

Mrs. Montgomery over at the RHOK is hosting MckLinky Monday and with Spring Break rapidly approaching, she asks: What's your favorite one tank road trip?


Well, my favorite get outta dodge trip would probably be the family lake house on Fort Gibson Lake. Speaking of the lake house, I've gotta super fun story about this past weekend that I'll share with ya'll later!

(MY Hunter with my dad at the lake last summer)

My parents bought this lake house about 5 years ago and it's become the family getaway! It's secluded, has it's own boat dock at the very back of a cove, lots of super tall trees, and all kinds of owls, deer, hedgehogs, and other creatures that inhabit the place when we're not there. I love it! It has this huge wraparound porch, stained glass windows of hummingbirds and ivy, a fireplace, and lots of room to run.

My parents want to sell it.

Yep, sell it. The getaway, it's gonna be gone. Gone with the wind. No more.

I'm bummed.

Wow, that kinda took a turn for the depressing didn't it!

Ok, well later I'll post pictures and the story about this weekend's lake house fun. (I'm still giggling over it all!)


Lynette said...

yes always for water, nature and family
can not go wrong

Loren said...

Sell?? NO WAY! you know you can always pray that it won't sell LOL I have a friend whose parents have a similar situation only it is in the bahamas! WOW WOW WOW and they have prayed it won't sell and so far they have yet to miss a summer there hahahahahaha bet they want to shoot their kids LOL

Looking forward to your story! I MISS YOU!!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I think the RHOK should take up a fund & save your lil' getaway! That's tragic. I need to take my hubby up to Ft. Gibson, he would love it.
Thanks for linking up today :)

Dawn said...

Awe. That's a bummer. :(

My dad and brother both live on Lake Eufaula. But, it's not as nice of a lake as Ft. Gibson.

Being from Pryor/Chouteau, I grew up on Ft. Gibson Lake.

You all will have to check out Blue Hole (I posted about it.)

Baloney said...

I'm sorry to hear they will sell it. Sounds like you've had some great times there!
Here's hoping you will find another fun getaway soon. :)

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Sounds like a fun place indeed -My family has a cabin in the woods that's like the family getaway -it's very primitive though. Sorry to hear they're selling it -Maybe it won't happen or you'll find another getaway soon!

jennykate77 said...

Ft. Gibson is 5 minutes from my house. We go there a lot during the summer...boating, fishing, camping, etc. It's one of our favorite places too!

Cute pic!

Sorry to hear they're selling. That is a bummer. :(

QuiltSue said...

Well even if it is sold you'll have memories of the times you spent there. Not quite the same I know, but better than nothing.

Jennifer said...

Looks like fun and many great memories!

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