Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lake House, part 1

Ok, so after the last post, which became all boo-hooie about losing the lake house (which really is tragic), I wanted to post a few pics from last weekend.

My brother, Steven (who I'm tryin to teach MY Hunter to call him Uncle Teb, which is a story all on it's own) holding MY Hunter and in the background, THE hunter....with a "little" fire behind them. This is the back of the house and the driveway coming down.

This is the front of the house with my Mom (aka Grandma Mac) and MY Hunter whom she calls Pootintoodler...poot-en-tood-ler
I don't know either, it's a my mom thing. Just go with it.
(it's another story for another day)

Me standing on the back porch of the lake house looking down at the "w-o-r-k." I HATE raking leaves at the lake house. You can't even begin to comprehend unless you're there and you can see it all. It sucks. A lot.
Anywho, Mom walking back up, MY Hunter "helping" rake leaves, THE hunter supervising the "helping", and my brother letting the "helping". If you look beyond my mom you can kinda see the boat dock.
And, yes, my brother's shirt says "white trash and wasted." Yep. So proud. Ugh.

Taking a break....from the physical exertion. More on that tomorrow. So this is part of the back porch with Whiskey (my brother/ my parents chocolate labrador puppy) getting a little tummy time from anyone willing to give him a little scratchin.
More lake house pics to come tomorrow.


Lista said...

I want a lake house!! Cute pics, My Amy!

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