Monday, February 7, 2011

MckLinky Monday - Pet Peeves

The super-fabulous Mrs. Coco is hosting MckLinky today over at the RHOK!!!!! She's venting about her Top 5 Pet Peeves (like we can all narrow it down to 5!)

Here's my take on the peevishness:

1) Hateful, negative people. Remember the blog post about the "don't be hateful to medical staff"? yeah, I'm just going to reiterate on that one.... Things are much nicer when you're not being a mean, pain in the you-know-what!

2) This one I'm stealing, um I mean borrowing from Mrs. Coco herself: Facebook status messages. I'm so glad that you feel the need to share absolutely everything that's going on with your life on facebook, but really, you're not a celebrity and you must just not be busy enough in your life. If you can update your status at least once an hour, you need to get a life away from the Internet. Hey, go exercise!

3) Leaving the lights on. Yeah, I know, but it drives me CRAZY! It's wasteful.... It goes way back to childhood with me. I used to walk by a room that was empty but the light was left on, and turn it off......much to my parents annoyance. Hey, you leave the room, turn the tv/ lights/ radio/ whatever OFF!!!!! You can't even imagine how much it drives me bazerk leaving the clinic at the end of the day and seeing all the other offices with their lights left on. Let's just say, I could probably benefit from at least a little therapy!

4) Inconsiderate winter Okie drivers. Oklahomans freak when there is the slightest precipitation. They forget how to drive. So, because of the snow, by husband took me to work on Friday. Sweet man. At least 4 times we were almost ran off the road or hit head on because some jack couldn't pull their head out enough to drive properly with snow on the roads. People, if you hit me because you're driving horribly (ie: speeding or whatever) and my precious little red-headed man is strapped in his car seat in the back...heaven help you, because I'm gonna rage on you and you'll probably need someone to pull me off you. You've been warned.

5)Laundry started but never finished. (ie: left in the wash machine and you don't know it because no one tells you they started a load of towels 5 days ago and now you're wondering "what the heck is that smell?" only to find a HUGE load of soggy towels smooshed to the bottom of the wash machine). Yeah, THE hunter and I go round and round on this one. eeerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Ok, well, now you know how I feel! lol, so go check out Mrs. Coco and the other ladies over at the RHOK for more fun!!!!


jennykate77 said...

UGH!! Stinky laundry! I hate that too. I also can't stand people who feel the need to update that FB status everytime they make a decision...I think I'll eat now, just woke up, going to the store, etc.

Hope you're having a great Monday! Thanks for linking up!!

Baloney said...

Ah yes. I'm the only one who knows how to turn off lights and TV's in my house.

Rachel Murphy said...

Stinky laundry is the worst! Great list :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm fabulous?'re so sweet! I think you are too! =)

1. Yes. Agreed. Those Debbie Downer people need to cheer up and get positive and quit being so rude!
2. DUH! I totally agree with this one! ;)
3. I'm pretty good about turning off the lights. I hate to waste electricity!
4. I just stay off the roads. Stupid drivers in this kind of weather just scare me. M gets to escort me around and I LOVE it!
5. Oh, I hate that too but lucky for me, the laundry person is me 99% of the time so I make sure this doesn't happen.

Thanks for linking up, friend! Great list!!

Steph said...

My husband is banned from touching the laundry because he doesn't know how to take it out of the washer. Great list!

6 Happy Hearts said...

Yay! Someone else who hates leaving the lights on! Loved your list. Thanks for linking up w/the RHOK today.

Dawn said...

I'm starting to get a complex about my Facebooking addiction. I'm just saying.... (Oh, and I hate when people use, I'm just saying...) LOL!

I've been guilty of leaving the laundry in the wash too long. It all goes back to the Facebook addiction.

Thanks for linking up with us, Amy!

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