Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pure Wedding Quilt

She who waits too long to order fabric from the shop while it's on sale, bangs head on desk later!

I had been postponing buying the additional fabric that I needed for Jamie's friendship braid wedding quilt due to, well, life. Today I go to the online store to buy my fabric only to find............IT'S SOLD OUT!!!!!! Why me?

Plan B: different fabric for the outer border and backing. I wanted the Bubbles in Splash for the border and the backing. sigh. Now I'm just doing the border in the Bubbles in Splash and the backing will now be Sweet in Splash. I was really wanting to have as much blue as possible for this wedding quilt and I think there will be enough.
I would really like to post a picture of how this quilt is coming together, but really, I don't want her to read this blog and ruin the surprise of it all! She knows she's getting one and what the colors are (because I can't contain quilty secrets like that), but she doesn't know what it really looks like. I love quilty surprises!!!!


Loren said...

Oooooooooo. I haven't ever known a Quilty Secret before!!! :) it is sooooo pretty and I'm sure it will be GORGEOUS and she will love it bc she knows it was made with LOVE!! ♥

Can't wait to see It when it's done!!

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