Monday, January 17, 2011

MckLinky Monday ~ 5 Things You Can't Do Anymore

My lovely friend, Dawn (AKA: Mrs. Albright) has posted on the Real Housewives of Oklahoma (RHOK) blog this morning for the MckLinky. She's asking what are 5 things you can't do anymore? This is quite the intriguing question. Not really something I think a lot about. Hmmmm.......let's give it a go!

1) Cartwheels - ok, well I can, but it sure isn't pretty and it sure pulls the hamstrings more than it used to! :)

2) Stretchmarks - I used to proudly show off my midsection. Look how flat and and unblemished!!! Yeah, thanks to MY Hunter, not anymore! Which also means I can't prance around in a teeny bikini in front of people at the lake. Not that I did much prancing, but you know!

Ok, mine don't look this bad....but it sure feels like it somedays!

3) Eat whatever I want to - this one sucks the most! I have an "absurd" weakness for all things not healthy! What's wrong with eating french fries and a strawberry shake? Apparently everything. It's a good thing I work at a physical therapy clinic is all I have to say on that one!

4) Stay up late.....and by late I mean 9 o'clock or later! Ok, for those who know me, know that I have never be a night owl.ever. Combine an early to bed kinda girl with mommyhood = crawling into my flannel sheets at 8:30...if I'm lucky :)

5) Stash any more fabric/ rulers/ patterns/ etc. into my bedroom armoire anymore. My armoire door is like the magical door in Narnia for me. Currently Narnia is full. Beyond full. Solution = take over THE hunter's side of the closet! He doesn't need to hang any clothes in there/ store his hunting bow/ shelve shoes right?

Have a great Monday!!!!!!


Dawn said...

Amy!!! Those were ALL great! I can completely relate to the cartwheels and the eating.

Thank you so much for linking up with us today. =)

~Mrs. A

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I know what you mean about cartwheels and eating unhealthy things -I soo have a weakness for bad foods too. I can stay up pretty late -just feel it more in the mornings ;)

Lista said...

I tore my inner thigh muscle demonstrating a cartwheel a few years back. I don't recommend it! But I agree that boys don't need closet space!

Impulsive Addict said...

Cartwheels! That's a great one! I should try to do that again and catch it on film. HA!

I'm a girl that loves to eat. I totally get that one too!

StitchinByTheLake said...

You're going to have to get inventive about that stash....under the bed in those little things made for holding shoes are great. So are the over-the-door hangers and inside empty shoe boxes. :) blessings, marlene

Baloney said...

Funny thing - I don't miss cartwheels. :)

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