Monday, May 17, 2010

Mental Health Weekend

I have no idea what was wrong with me, but when I woke up Saturday morning I felt like nothing was going right and (literally) everything made me cry! It was like I was pregnant all over again with the crazy boo hoo hormones! My awesome husband was wise enough (or maybe scared enough) to volunteer his child observing services for a much needed Mommy-away Day!

I called My BFF Calianna and sobbed that we needed to go shopping without anyone with testosterone in their bodies...AKA NO BOYS!!!!! We went all over Tulsa just talking and shopping and enjoying a boy-free afternoon! I bought some fabulous Christmas themed fabric to make my mom a Christmas quilt (if I ever get my sewing machine back) and also bought the first block in a block of the month named Garden Patch Cats! The first one I am now the proud owner of is PumpKat, which is an orange beast in the shape of a pumpkin!!!! I love it! I'm not sure which beast is next but I'm really hoping for the Caulipuss (cauliflower) or the Podcats (peas)!!!

My mental health is now saved thanks to the Husbeast and the Calianna! Now if I just had that stinkin' sewing machine!!!!!!!


Lista said...

I had a great time with you! The garden beasts are really cute! Maybe I'll make a quilt along with you with different fabric!

Mylea said...

You were suppose to call me Saturday morning to tell me if we were going to the Lake House or not?! You never called....left me hanging to go shopping dork!!! :(

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Amy, I'm old enough to be your mother..maybe even I'll just take the liberty of saying two things cause when you get to be my age you pretty much get to say whatever you want and that's the very best thing about being this age. #1 Every woman needs a day away and it should be regularly scheduled, written on the calendar and never missed. It will save you I promise. It will also save you money in the long run because if you don't get it you'll be a wreck and have doctor bills to correct your "wreckness". :) #2 Anyone "messing" with your new sewing machine should be permanently banned to the North Pole. Or South Pole. Either one, makes no difference. Or should buy you another new machine so you'll always have an extra! A woman without her machine is like a Diet Dr. Pepper without ice, just plain nasty. blessings, marlene (by the way, I love your blog design!)

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