Monday, May 16, 2011

In The Presence of RHOK Stars!!!!

No thanks to Blogger (how I loathe thee), I haven't gotten to post any pics from the awesome RHOK Out that was Thursday night!

It was in Downtown Tulsa at the Mexican joint, El Guapo's. Yum.

After work I met up with the lovely Loren (do you know Loren? If not, you should) and we carpooled downtown togetha....because this girl don't do downtown alone.
(i stole this from the RHOK blog......don't tell!)

We got there at 7 (because the invite said 7) and the place was already packed with women! Apparently, everyone made a special quiet pact to all get there early! It's cool, it just meant that all the chairs were taken except for right up front, which means people take pictures like this and it shows my whole backside, right in the stinkin middle of the pic!

See the chick in the middle, with the white shirt, and the booty all stickin out? Yeah, that's me in all my glory!

However, it was muchas fun to get to meet all the fabulous RHOK ladies (and the DJ)!

Here's me and Mrs. Edwards hammin it up!

We even had the Money Saving Queen, Sarah Roe there!

There was one cool chicka that I was hoping was gonna be there, but unfortunately she couldn't make it up from the southerly direction :( no bueno

Anywho, we had a great time. Everyone who came won a door prize. Mine was a bottle of chardonnay called Mad Housewife! Appropriately titled for the occasion I think!

I heard after we left, a few of the housewives had a little jam session (which I am sooooo bummed that I missed out on), but I had a looooong drive back home.

Funny of the night: as Loren and I walk to the car, there is some dude sitting literally 3 inches from her front bumper. He sees us coming, but refuses to relocate to some other piece of sidewalk where there is less likelihood of getting his toes ran over. We get in the car and Loren rolls down her window and asks him very politely to shove off and he completely ignores her! Luckily (for him) he still has all his legs and toes. For all we know, he's still sitting on that same piece of sidewalk, with or without his appendages!


Impulsive Addict said...

I REALLY wanted to meet you. =( Will you be attending the next RHOK OUT? I promise to make every attempt to go to it JUST to meet you!!

I'm glad you had a great time minus the creepy guy.

QuiltSue said...

It looks like a good night out, but who/what/where is RHOK?

Dawn said...

I am so happy you and Loren were able to attend. You are such a sweetheart!

I am bummed you had to leave before the FuN got started. LOL! You might not ever view me the same way. Ha!

Looking forward to next time!

Nadine Hightower said...

looks like a good time.

Baloney said...

I never did get to talk to you that night. :(
As for the backside pictures, that's why I always lean against a wall.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Gah- you were there and I didn't get to meet you?! Yeah I was in the pic -somewhat unflattering too -that's me sitting in the chair in the blue and white shirt- where you can see my back and arm and my red hair a little bit :) -It was a pretty fun evening - left before the jam session too though :)

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Girl your backside is FABULOUS! Loved that ya'll made it out to RHOK. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for linking up today - Mrs. M

ShaRhonda said...

Ha ha! Guess what I'm really sick now! Lol! The migraine was also a little bit of a sinus headache it seems and now bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infection stuff! Yay me! Aren't ya glad we didn't hang now? We really did have fun didn't we? I am so glad you came!

momof3girls said...

Well what an exciting departure to top off an exciting night!

Loren said...

Oh gosh! Love your replay of our RHOK night!! Sooo glad you asked me to go !! Love you

Loren said...

oh ya! I am stealing the pic too :)

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