Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Not Lost, Just Busy!

I guess I didn't realize how long it had been since I had last posted because questions were being raised as to "where are you and what have you been up to?" It actually kinda makes me feel all warm and tingly that there's people out there that notice when I go absent!

Remember the question I posed recently about making a baby blanket for my husband's cousin in the Pure or the Lollipop? Well, everyone picked Lollipop making it pretty unanimous, so I bought 2 charm packs, sewed them into 9 patches and then proceeded to cut them all up to make a disappearing 9 patch out of them.....not lovin' it. Not to mention the hus-beast doesn't think that his country cousin will like the Lollipop....."They're more John Deere sorta people, hunny." Great. Time to regroup.

Went to Hobby Lobby Friday and bought the most child friendly John Deere looking fabric I could find and some navy solid for the backing. Sewed the stinkin' thing Friday night, finished the blanket stitch on the yellow binding last night, and need to make a label with a tractor on it to slap on the back by Friday when we wrap it up and take it to his cousin's house for her to open at the baby shower on Saturday. I can't go because I'm going to a craft festival in Rogers, Arkansas with a friend that was planned months ago.

News on the babysitter front: I (thankfully) found one for Poo Poo Friday evening. She was the last one on the list to interview, so it's great that she passed the Poo Poo test :) She was the only one we interviewed who actually got down on the floor and played with him...or even acknowledged him for that matter! It's getting harder and harder to leave him in the morning and go to work though. Until I can stay home with him, at least he's with a great caregiver!

With all this hullabaloo goin' on, I haven't even had a change to work on my Christmas log cabin! I've decided that I am anti-UFO. I am not a half-finish, then-work-on-something-else kinda girl. Chalk it up to me being anal, I'm sure! Maybe I can work on the loggious cabinous on Sunday! I NEED this quilt to be finished! It bothers me! :)


StitchinByTheLake said...

Wish I were going to the craft fair with you! I sometimes go, well once every 5 years or so to that one. It's always good though. blessings, marlene

Thimbleanna said...

Congrats on finding a good daycare -- I really felt for you -- those decisions are always so difficult. And, good for you for changing direction on the quilt. That's always hard, but you're obviously a great gift-giver -- it's hard to be in tune with what the recipient would really like.

QuiltSue said...

I am SOOOO glad you got the childcare sorted. That must have been a load off your mind. As for UFO's, I'm with you - they bother me too. I think it's all part of being a control freak for me - for the same reason I really can't do scrappy quilts.

Phyllis said...

Hey Amy,
I'm glad you found somebody you like to take care of your little one. It's so important to find just the right person.

And good for you for being anal about finishing your projects. I should be a little more like that!!!

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