Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In a fit of non-pregnancy related nesting, I have reorganized my ever growing fabric stash. Wow! Can fabric multiply like bunnies? It's soft like bunnies, so maybe they're related. Dunno! But yeah, I had forgotten how much fabric I already have stockpiled. So, what have I already done this week (and it's only Tuesday morning)? Ordered more fabric. Sigh. I love it though! Enter in Midnight Silhouette by Blackbird Designs! I love fall and I think this will be awfully cute! Of course, I still need to learn how to applique, but hey, I can add it to the stash, right?! I just couldn't pass it up! I also ordered a Fruitcake jellyroll by Moda from Green Fairy Quilts since they're having such a great deal!

In the meantime, Hunter's 1st birthday is next month so I've been in party planning mode! Theme: Monkeys!!!! Carrye at has the most adorable invitations!!!

For those of you in the Tulsa area: keep an eye out on News Channel 6 for this adorable face! Yep, Poo Poo will be on the birthday segment of 6 in the morning on his birthday, September 22! Yay!!!! TiVo is set and ready to record! I had a hard time deciding on which picture to use. I love this one the most, even if it is from when he was 7 months old! I just had to include the quilt that Teresa and Calianna made for him! He just looks so fall-ish! I know this doesn't win me the Mom Of The Year award, but it does get me close, right?!


Lista said...

Love the new pattern AND the picture! So cute!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Cute, cute picture. :) And I love that pattern! blessings, marlene

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