Friday, July 9, 2010


Here is my latest realization: I am a horrible blogger. Horrible.... or "hori-bibble" as my mom would say. It's true. My blogging is shameful. No pictures. Haven't written a single word in many moons. Hori-bibble.

Fun new news though! I have started on a new quilt! It's the sweetest little girl baby quilt! A coworker who has become a wonderful friend, has a friend who is having a little girl baby in the very near future so she honored me by asking me to make her friend's babycakes a quilt! Yay! I will post pictures when the top is completed but in the meantime, just know it's purple and green and pink with butterflies and dragonflies all over! Just adora-bibble! Thing is: it's driving me to drink! (not really, but you know!) I can't get my squares to line up perfectly, and anyone who knows that my real name is Anal Amy knows how crazy this is making me! I've threatened to tear the whole thing apart and use the little squares as kindling for a fire.....but alas, it's been raining for days, so luckily for the quilt, it's still in one piece.....for now!

The horrible thing about making this quilt (other than the non-compliance of lines) is that I didn't have a table to sew at. My very sweet hubby tried to help by putting my machine on an end table and having me sew like that. Problem: I had to stand over the machine and bend over to use it. No good I tell you, no good. Wednesday, my wonderful parents bought me a new dining room table that is just so beautiful! No more sewing standing over my machine for me! Maybe it'll help my squares line up....wishful thinking!


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